Developmental Disabilities Assistance Board of Montgomery County
Montgomery County Senate Bill 40

Mission Statement
The mission of Developmental Disabilties Assistance Board (DDAB) of Montgomery County is to support people who have development disabilities in the achievement of their chosen personal lifestyles and goals. The Board of Directors and staff support family and individual driven service delivery.

Who’s Who
Daniel Cole – Executive Director
Susie Lynn – Administrative Assistant
Heather Quevreaux-Professional Manager

Services Available/Provided/Purchased

Residential Services : DDAB operate two group homes in Montgomery City. Lyons Court Group Home is a six-bed home and Spencer House is a four-bed home.

Day Habilitation: DDAB operates the Adult Learning Center in Montgomery City. The Center provides a 4 to 1 staff ratio to provide individualized habilitation opportunities.

Personal Assistance: This is a one-on one service provided to natural home individuals. THe Personal Assistant’s responsibility is to provide services/supports to keep the individual in their natural setting.

Transportation: DDAB operates six vehicles to provide transportation to individuals in Montgomery County. The general purpose of the transportation is to get individuals to and from a Sheltered Workshop for which DDAB has a contract with and to the Adult Learning Center.

Legal residents of Montgomery County with a developmental disability that is attributable to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, a learning disability related to a brain dysfunction, head injury, or any combination of mental or physical impairments. Individuals requesting services are ususally referred to the Hannibal Regional Center for eligibility screening.

Board of Directors Meetings
Developmental Disabilities Assistance Board of Montgomery County meets on the second Tuesday of most months at our main office at 230 East Norman Street.   Meeting starts at 5 p.m.  There has been times where we change locations so I you wish to attend, please call them main office to check on location.

Contact Information
Montgomery Co. SB40 Board
PO Box 63
230 East Norman Street
Montgomery City, MO 63361
Daniel Cole
Phone: 573-564-5045
Fax: 573-564-3662