Who’s Who
The Warren Co. DD Board is a political subdivision of Warren County government. The Board provides service coordination to persons who reside in Warren County and have a developmental disability, as well as information/resource support. In addition to service coordination, the Board also provides grant funding to various independent agencies that provide services to Warren County residents who have a developmental disability.  We do not have a website, but do maintain a Facebook page on which relevant information is posted: https://www.facebook.com/wcddb

Executive Director:   Anita Contreras
Office Manager/Administrative Assistant:  Michelle Dixon

Services Available/Provided/Purchased
The service coordinators assist families and individuals to identify and connect with community resources. A variety of community-based services are available for eligible persons who have a developmental disability and their families.  Funding is via Board grants for some services, and the state Division of Developmental Disabilities for other services. Services include (but are not limited to) personal assistance, transportation, behavior support, day services, adaptive equipment and medical supplies, home and vehicle modifications, therapies, family support (respite, advocacy training,), autism services, behavioral support, employment, non-routine dental treatment, therapeutic horseback riding, recreation (summer and year-round), and residential.

Eligibility for service coordination is determined by the Missouri Dept. of Mental Health Division of Developmental Disabilities, using criteria of the Missouri definition of developmental disability. The Warren County DD Board office provides assistance to complete the applications and initiate the eligibility determination process. The office is conveniently located in downtown Warrenton, at 210 E. Booneslick Rd.

Board of Directors Meetings
The Board of Directors meets at least four times during each calendar year. If you are interested in attending any of the meetings, please contact the office for the dates and times.

Contact Information
Warren County Developmental Disabilities Board
210 E. Booneslick
Warrenton, MO 63383
Phone: 636-456-4347
Fax: 636-456-0366