Ray County Board of Services

Mission Statement
The mission of the Board and its entities is to promote an environment (array of services and supports) whereby citizens of Ray County with developmental disabilities and their families have the opportunity to have productive and fulfilling lives

Ray County Board of Services takes the long view towards supporting individuals with disabilities. The current model of residential, day habilitation and personal assistant supports serve a crucial need throughout Ray County. These supports are a marathon of services that require resources and stainability well into the future.

Ray County Board of Services is well aware of the issues surrounding the sheltered workshops throughout the nation. Our organization is responsible for the infrastructure supports of the sheltered workshop in Ray County and in such continues to support their ongoing employment efforts in the community. Still, we are cognizant to the future needs of those individuals employed and supported through the sheltered workshop. With that in mind, RCBS has expanded its current program supports to include Medicaid Waiver Employment Services to provide an additional choice for supported individuals residing in Ray County.


  • Persons with developmental disabilities are valuable people with all basic rights and all human needs.
  • Persons with developmental disabilities should have the freedom and opportunity to be the best they can or choose to be.
  • Persons with the developmental disabilities have the right to live, make choices and take risks
  • Persons with developmental disabilities have the right to appropriate services and supports across their life span.
  • Persons with developmental disabilities have the right to fully participate in the community.


Who’s Who

Board of Directors
Kenny Goetz – Chairman
Debby Gill – Vice-Chairman
Erika Nail – Secretary
Jean Schmidt – Treasurer
Debbie King – Director
Anita Johnson – Director
Werner Moentman – Director
Alan Dale – Director
Bob McCorkendale – Director

John Hartman – Executive Director

Developmental Disabilities Services
Courtney Sisson – DD Services Director

Services Available/Provided/Purchased
Residential ISL Services
Day Program Services
PA, ISDL, Community Integration

Board of Directors Meetings
Third Monday of the month, 7pm, Board Room, 200 N College St, Richmond, MO 64085

Contact us at:
200 North College Street
Richmond, Missouri 64085
Phone – 816-470-7140
Fax – 816-776-3383