Marion County Services for the Developmentally Disabled
Marion County Senate Bill 40

Fitting in can be challenging: especially when you’re developmentally disabled or have a family member who is. Navigating mental healthcare decisions while overcoming feelings of isolation, hopelessness and frustration can be difficult when you’re on your own.

This struggle is native for the individuals and families of the developmentally disabled, which is exactly why MCSDD was formed in 1988. If this sounds like someone you know, we want you to know we’ve been there, too. We are Marion County’s premiere service for our developmentally disabled citizens. We have been assisting with medical and community needs for decades now, by expertly navigating the constantly evolving mental healthcare and human services realm so our individual’s daily lives can be seamlessly integrated with our neighborhoods.

If you know residents of Marion County who are developmentally disabled and needs help with medical and social needs, call us or stop on by,

We’d love to help.”

–          Marion County Services Team

Mission is always about:

Increasing the Developmentally Disabled Citizens of Marion County’s Choice, Respect, Ability, and Involvement in our community.

Our Philosophy is simple: Fill in the gaps of our individual’s needs and services.

Our primary goal is all about innovating solutions which intuitively support our special-needs families while bolstering their independence. With the guidance of our nine-member, volunteer board of directors appointed by the County Commission governs the activities of this publicly supported agency, we accomplish this and more every day.

We Are Marion County Services:

Cathy Arrowsmith, Executive Director — supervises all program supervisors, administration, and direct care staff; she also monitors and manages all our agency operations. Cathy also represents MCSDD at all professional and service organizations.

Mahogany Wallis, TCM Supervisor – supervises support coordinators which provide services for individuals in the county of Marion. The target audience is citizens of Marion County who are diagnosed with a developmental disability. She oversees the process of linking individuals to resources that will provide a quality of life.

Sarah Stolte, QMP — Supervises Bridges, CIST, and Community Integration supervisors and their staff, and Family Support meetings; she also assists in planning Consumer Night-Out, Special Olympics, and Athlete’s Day events.

Relna Schroeder, CIST — supervises all the Independent Support Living (ISL) supervisors and staff.

Kathy Butler, Community Integration Liaison — Supervises the Community Integration staff, Respite, and assists in planning the Consumer Night Out, Special Olympics and Athlete’s Day events.

MCSDD’s stellar staff also includes…

Stacy Mixer – Finance Manager

Kyra Davis – Human Resource Manager

Mahogany Wallis – Support Coordination Supervisor

Ryan Freeman – Director of Marketing & Development

Emma Dooley – Bridges Building Coordinator

Services Available/Provided/Purchased

Bridges Day Program is our day activity and training program, which teaches personal care, community and pre-employment skills to young adults with multiple disabilities. Participants engage in a variety of community activities designed to maximize their physical and mental capabilities.

Community Integration is provided for individuals who live at home or in a group setting. It helps support and foster independent activities and decision making while teaching the skills necessary to live and work in their own neighborhood.

Residential Services (ISL) provides supervision and training in individualized supported living arrangements for men and women with severe disabilities. The residences, each serving no more than three people, are integrated into the neighborhoods of our community and provide via contract with the Department of Mental Health.

Respite Care is a program that provides funding for families so they can purchase attendant services which enable them to attend a personal business and other concerns. This is all thanks to our joint effort with the Hannibal Regional Center.

Our Family Support is comprised of a variety of services to families of children with disabilities that help to insure that their special needs are continuously met. Family Support achieves this through:

  • Assistance with the purchase of adaptive equipment for those without Medicaid or other insurance coverage.
  • Funding for parents to attend conferences and seminars relating to their child’s disability.


First there is Silver and Gold Friends Summer Day Camp which serves children enrolled in special education classes for grades 1 through 12. The camp provides fun supervised recreational activities for children who would otherwise be unable to attend a camp due to the severity of their disabilities.

Next, Athlete’s Day brings the opportunity of competing in various track-style events.

Then there’s Friends’ Night Out that makes local events available after hours. Individuals really enjoy all the various festivals and evening activities in and around their communities, which would otherwise be unavailable for them.

And Special Olympics, which engage eligible athletes at the local, regional, and state levels events, made possible through our partnership with Special Olympics of Missouri.

Finally, Camp Yagottawanna is athree day camp held at various locations throughout the state of Missouri. The summer camp spirit runs high during our multiple recreational events, as our individuals get to have fun, relax, and make new friends.

MCBSDD ensures our individuals get safely to and from where they need to go on a daily basis, with our route services, conducted by our professional Transportation Coordinator, Katie Lock, which includes door-to-door services in Palmyra, Hannibal and the surrounding area. Transportation is also provided for individuals employed at the Northeast Missouri and Monroe City Sheltered Workshops, as well as a variety of supported employment work sites.


Marion County residents and family members with a developmental disability such as autism, cerebral palsy, congenital disabilities, down’s syndrome, epilepsy (and other seizure disorders), and mental retardation are eligible for services.

More specifically, eligibility for MCSDD services requires:

  • A mental and/or physical disability which began before the age of twenty-two
  • Is likely to continue indefinitely

Results in major problems with two or more of the following:

  • Living and working independently
  • Communication
  • Self-direction
  • Learning
  • Mobility
  •  Self-care

(Referrals generally come from the Hannibal Regional Center)

MCSDD’s Support Coordination means:

  • Time spent developing a working plan together
  • Taking an active role in all aspects of services received
  • Taking the time to help find relevant community resources
  • Guaranteeing quality by personally monitoring services you receive
  • Help with the paperwork
  • Devoting our time and resources for maximum creativity and flexibility
  • Delivering information in a timely manner
  • Professional accountability for all services authorized and money allocated
  • Advocacy assistance

Why Support Coordination?

In July, 2008 Marion County Services and the Department of Mental

Health partnered up so we can work together to provide the best local service possible. Starting in July, 2010 Marion County Services progressed toward being the sole provider of support coordination for the entire county of Marion.

We did this so we can best…

  • Meet the needs of individuals timely and efficiently
  • Enhance service coordination in the county, bringing premier services to our individuals and their families
  • Reduce caseload sizes
  • Offer even more flexible service delivery system

Our Commitment to you…

Means a choice during annual person-centered planning meeting or any time which works best. We promise timely response for all inquiries; we listen to who we serve; opportunities for fostering shared ideas; and share each step of step-by-step support planning.

Board of Directors Meetings
Our Board of Directors Meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 P.M. at our headquarters, located at 12 Northport Plaza, Hannibal, Missouri.

2015 Board of Directors:

Gregg Koelliker – President
Jennifer Leftwich – Vice President
Steve Viorel – Secretary/Treasurer
Sue Major
Casey Welch
Donna Reid
Sandy Walton
Paula Crookshanks
John Freiling

Let’s get in touch!

Contact Information:

Marion County Services for the Developmentally Disabled
12 Northport Plaza
Hannibal, MO 63401

Cathy Arrowsmith, Executive Director
Phone: 573-248-1077
Fax: 573-248-2978