Madison County Service Coordination

Mission Statement

“Madison County Service Coordination’s mission is to support and advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities, by locating resources that deliver value, helping to enrich the quality of their lives through personal choice.”

Who’s Who

Chairman of Board- Dennis Siders

Vice Chairmen, Anna Berkbuegler

Secretary, Debby Boone

Treasurer, Renee’ Sargent-Harrison

Service Coordination Director-Beth Baugh

Services Available/Provided/Purchased

Madison County Service Coordination has a contract through the state to provider target case management services for individuals residing in Madison County. Through this program, MCSC is able to assist individuals with developmental disabilities with locating and accessing needed resources to ensure their health, safety, and optimal quality of life. These services are provided through needs based Medicaid Waivers to provide services of: Day Habilitation, Placement, Personal Assistance, Adaptive Equipment, Respite, Supported Employment and Speech Therapy.

The MCSC SB 40 Board helps to fund the local Sheltered Workshop as well as transportation services.

Other services may be approved on a case by case basis.


Eligibility for services includes any person whose disability was onset before the age of 22. The disability is likely to continue for a lifetime and results in major problems in at least three of the following areas: Self-Care; Receptive/Expressive Language; Learning; Mobility; Self-Direction and Capacity for Independent Living or Economic Self-Sufficiency.

Individuals may contact 573-783-4451 or the Sikeston Regional Office to start the intake process for services.

Board of Directors Meetings

Board of Directors will meet every other month at the Madison County Services Coordination Office at dates and times approved by the board and posted prior to meetings.

Contact Information

Madison County Service Coordination
610 South Chamber Drive, Suite B
Fredericktown, MO 63645
Beth Baugh
Phone: 573-783-4451 ext 119
Fax: 573-783-3665