Developmentally Disabled in Grundy County
Grundy County Senate Bill 40

Mission Statement
The mission of Families and Friends of the Developmentally Disabled in Grundy County is to meet the service and support needs of Grundy County citizens with developmental disabilities in a cost-effective manner.

Who’s Who
Kayla Graham, Executive Director
Dan Wilford, Chairman
Larry Leininger, Vice Chairman
Karen Glenn, Secretary
Ginny Wikoff, Treasurer
Jeff Jackson
Mary Sue McCullough
Connie Olmstead
Jackie Wyant
Marcia Gutshall

Committee Members:
Budget Committee: Chair: Larry Leininger, Connie Olmstead, Ginny Wikoff and Mary Sue McCullough.  Executive Committee: Chair: Dan Wilford, Larry Leininger, Ginny Wikoff, and Karen Glenn.  Personnel Committee: Chair: Karen Glenn, Jeff Jackson, Connie Olmstead, and Dan Wilford.  Strategic Planning Committee: Chair: Marcia Gutshall, Karen Glenn, Jeff Jackson, and Ginny Wikoff.  Title VI Committee: Chair: Dan Wilford, Karen Glenn, Ginny Wikoff, and Larry Leininger.  2018 County Commissioners:  Rick Hull Presiding Commissioner, Don Sager First District Commissioner and Joe Brinser Second District Commissioner

Services Available/Provided/Purchased
Families & Friends provides and/or funds the following services for Grundy County persons with developmental disabilities:

  • Transportation
  • Sheltered Employment
  • Residential, Personal Assistance
  • Targeted Case Management
  • Medicaid Wavier
  • Partnership for Hope Waiver and Contracted Service.

For the purposes of sections 205.968 to 205.972, the term:  “Developmental disability” shall mean either or both paragraph (a) or (b) of this subsection:

(a). A disability which is attributable to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, a learning disability related to a brain dysfunction or a similar condition found by comprehensive evaluation to be closely related to such conditions, or to require habilitation similar to that required for mentally retarded persons; and

  1. Which originated before age eighteen; (Grundy Co. SB 40 – originated before age 22),
  2. Which can be expected to continue indefinitely;

(b) A development disability as defined in section 630.005, RSMo;

“Handicapped person” shall mean a person who is lower range educable or upper range trainable mentally retarded or a person who has a developmental disability.

Board of Directors Meetings:  Meetings are conducted the 2nd Monday of each month, at 700 Main (Grundy County Court House) Trenton, Missouri 64683 at 6:30 pm.

Board of Directors Meetings
Board meetings take place at 6:30 pm on the third Monday of every month, at the FFDD office, 700 Main (Grundy County Courthouse) PO Box 402, Trenton, MO, unless otherwise indicated, and the meetings are conducted with Sunshine Law, unless otherwise indicated.

Contact Information
Kayla Graham, Executive Director
Grundy County Senate Bill 40 Board – Families and Friends of the Developmentally Disabled
P.O. Box 402
700 Main
Grundy County Court House
Trenton, MO 64683
Phone: 660-359-3285
Fax: 660-359-5074