Cass County Board of Services
Cass County Senate Bill 40

Mission Statement
To provide enrichment and enhancement to Cass county citizens with disabilities within our funding guidelines.

Who’s Who
Gene Molendorp, President
Nancy Cartmill, Vice President
Joann Johnson, Treasurer
Dorothy Vaughn, Secretary
Peggy Kutchback, Volunteer Director
Robert Greenwood, Program Director

Services Available/Provided/Purchased 
The Cass County Board of Services has a contract to provide Case Management.  This service is self funding.

Other services are available through Casco.  Casco receives funding through the Cass County Board of Services.

Casco provides Sheltered Employment, Community Employment and Day Services

Limited funding is available for transportation of persons living in their natural home.

Other services may be funding on a case by case basis.

Referral for Case Management is through the Dept of Mental Health

Board of Directors Meetings 
The Cass County Board of Services meets the first Wednesday of the month, 10:00 A.M. at 1802 Vine in Harrisonville

Contact Information
Cass County Board of Services
1800 Vine
Harrisonville, MO 64701
Peggy Kutchback
Phone: 816-380-7359
Fax: 816-380-7363 (fax)