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2019 Board of Directors

Organized in 1979, MACDDS continues to provide a strong forum for its 84-member county boards (66 county boards, 17 related private organizations, 1 TCM entity, related private organizations, and affiliated public agencies to share information, discuss common problems, and act cohesively in areas of overall concern.

Each year the Association sponsors a fall conference that, through a series of workshops, seeks to bring together technical assistance and innovative ideas to broaden the perspective of member counties, related private organizations, and affiliated public agencies as they endeavor to serve people of Missouri with developmental disabilities.

MACDDS has continued to make a strong impact on legislative initiatives. Because of the pleasant blend of urban, suburban, and rural member counties, each MACDDS representative reflects the collective political strength and determination of those county voices.

Missouri has proven to be a "great society" in the enactment of "Senate Bill 40." The advocacy spirit is alive and well in the state. MACDDS strives to embody that spirit.

MACDDS is dedicated to the promotion of county initiatives in developmental disability services

MACDDS is an effective catalyst, shaping public policy and practice for people with developmental disabilities.

Kyle Schott, President
Becky Herschbach, President-Elect
Andrea Swope, Member-at-Large
Robyn Kaufman, Member-at-Large
Marcus Whitlock, Member
Peg Capo, Member
Jeff Richards, Member
Mary Sullivan-Thomas, Member
Alecia Archer, Member
Jake Jacobs, Member
Clay McGranahan, Member
Nancy Pennington, Member
Ann Graff, Member
Ed Thomas, Member
Pam Greenwood, Member