Sunshine Factory
Andrew County SB 40 Board

Mission Statement
To Make Lives Brighter for Andrew County Residents

Who’s Who
Jennifer Edwards-Director
Janet Smith-Chairman
Bob Caldwell-Vice Chairman
Janet Crowder-Secretary/Treasurer

Services Available/Provided/Purchased
Each consumer in the 2008 funding year had $2500.00 to purchase services. This cap includes all services combined.

Transportation-Our County does not offer services, so therefore it is important for Andrew County residents to be able to travel to where services are offered. We operate a bus system Monday-Friday. Please call the office to arrange transportation to a day habilitation program, workshop, or place of employment. The daily fee will be deducted from the individual cap. If the consumer goes over the individual cap, the consumer may purchase transportation at a reasonable rate.

Consumer Relations Services- This program is a goal oriented program that allows consumers to practice their daily living skills. This program reimburses the consumer up to $1200.00 per year for services already purchased.

Partnering with other agencies-Consumers may use their individual cap money to assist in purchasing services such as person care attendant and day habilitation programs.

Camp- Consumers may want to use their money towards a camp.

Individual must be an Andrew County resident.

Individual 5 years and older must have a measured intelligence score of 75 or below.

Individuals 5 years and younger must have two areas of a significant delay in the following areas:

  • Total language
  • Total motor
  • Cognitive Score that is less than
  • Social/Emotional/Behavioral

Board of Directors Meetings
The Board meets the second Monday of each month at the Andrew County Health Department at 6:00 p.m.. The Health Department is located at 106 North Fifth Street in Savannah, Mo. The board does not meet in July.

Contact Information
Jennifer Edwards
Office: 816-324-7302
Fax: 816-324-6002

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